The creation of a formal Tai Chi Park of this scale is the first of its kind in the world. Master Peng You provided the vision for the park, recognizing the need to connect the Thunder Bay Tai Chi Association with Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant. Located in Marina Park in Thunder Bay, the Tai Chi Park includes a “moon gate” which centers on the Sleeping Giant and provides visitors with a quiet moment to reflect on the beauty surrounding them. The use of local stone to construct the arch and a seamless connection to the existing pedestrian walkways firmly anchors the design in its locale. The 60 ft dia pad, fashioned in the pattern of the traditional Yin Yang symbol, can accommodate a variety of functions, as well as serving the needs of the Tai Chi Association to practice their art.

Master Peng You, Wayne Billborough (TaiChi Association)

Architect & Structural Engineer
FormStudio Architects Inc.

General Contractor
NST Contracting Ltd.

2011 completed