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Kiera Clarke Designer

Kiera is in her fourth year of architectural studies pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree at Athabasca University while simultaneously completing the RAIC Syllabus Program. She spent her first year at the McEwen School of Architecture in Sudbury, Ontario where she had the opportunity to take part in a 6-month design-build challenge of a warming hut for the skating path on Ramsey Lake. Kiera studied French for eleven years and graduated high school with her French Immersion Certificate and DELF B2 Diploma. Kiera is passionate about the subjectivity and creativity of design. She is intrigued with the emotional and sensorial responses to architecture and the unique ways individuals perceive and interact with architecture. Additionally, Kiera has a strong interest in sustainable and environmentally conscious design. She enjoys learning about passive and solar strategies and wishes to further her knowledge on the subject. Upon graduation, Kiera plans to pursue her goal of becoming a licensed architect. Kiera brings a young lens to the firm and is eager to gain experience in the field.